5 Reasons Season 2 Of ‘The Following’ Was Horrible

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1. Claire Matthews

The season finale of ‘The Following’ ended poorly last night, but it’s the last few lines by Claire that flushed the season down the toilet. Ryan Hardy defeats his nemesis Joe Carroll and tells Claire to grab her son Joey and all three of them can take a long vacation. Claire rebuffs Ryan and tells him, “We could never be together” and that he needs to move on. Move on! Ryan had moved on, he even had a new girl. By the way Carrie Cook was nowhere to found in the last episode. Ryan’s character was evolving and the return of Claire stunts that character grow.

Do the writers of ‘The Following’ realize that the only purpose Claire served was to foil Ryan’s plans and not listen to directions. The writers didn’t progress her character or her relationships with Ryan or Joe. Claire’s only use was to give bad writers easy decisions. If you watched season 2, all the characters that were foils to Ryan’s or Joe’s plans were women (Claire, Max, Mandy, Lily, Carrie, Agent Gina Mendez). More signs of bad writing.

Mike Weston is an interesting character, this season could have taken him in new directions. Mike was was fractured and was leading down a dark path and then, there was no redemption for his character. The season finale should have hinged on morals with Mike’s character in the balance. To become a hero or a murderer… this could have had meaning. But with the return of Claire, she destroys Mike’s plot thread and the second season of ‘The Following.”