4th of July: How To Grill The Perfect Chicken

grilled chicken

We have ten days to go until July 4th. Here’s five general grilling tips to help you grill a perfect chicken.

1. Go with thighs. They have deeper, richer chicken flavor than breast meat, so they can withstand the dry heat of the grill and stay moist.

2. Dark meat is fattier than white, so to cut your saturated fat and take the skin off. But, leave the bone in.

3. Coat the chicken with a bold spice rub to amp up flavor.

4. Grill the chicken over indirect heat. Putting the meat over the cooler side of the grill cooks it slowly, gently, and evenly and ensures the glaze won’t scorch.

5. Finish it for five minutes over direct heat to add delicious light charring and caramelize the glaze.

Source: Cooking Light