Ever watch a good Coon Dog in action? They’re unmerciful.

Time for Donald Trump to get back on message soon as possible

It is interesting how Donald Trump seems to be embroiled in the pettiest of subjects.  He swats at them like they’re gnats.  Actually, it is time to get some bug spray and clear the air.

Mrs. Clinton has unleashed her media dogs who are chasing Trump like a Coon Dog tries to tree a racoon.  Why are they so aggressively doing so?  Simple, to create a diversion from the frailties and indiscretions of Mrs. Clinton.  Somehow I am reminded of the scene where the massive head in the “Wizard of Oz” admonishes Dorothy & Company, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The main street media is the last line of defense between the public and the truth.  They want you to believe there is still infighting in the GOP while, in reality, the Democratic Party is melting down as their e-mail scandal is forcing the top officers to resign.  The public doesn’t realize this though, as the press only reports on alleged rifts between Trump and Sen. McCain and Speaker Paul Ryan.  Welcome to Fantasyland.

They also do not want you to dwell on Mrs. Clinton’s many indiscretions over the years, her lack of accomplishments, and lack of trustworthiness.  It doesn’t matter she openly lies to the American people, as she did in her interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace last Sunday.  Nor are they concerned about the Clinton Foundation, her changing positions, and that she hasn’t held a press conference in nearly a year.  All of this doesn’t matter to the press; taking Trump down is their main objective, and the American people are terrified to challenge them.

The media’s intent is to attack Trump’s character, not his positions which they know are popular with the American public.  If they can depict Trump as unfit to command, they believe Mrs. Clinton can win the White House.  They are not so much concerned about his policies, which they seldom report, but with his politically incorrect comments, and by doing so they are trying to box him in and chase him up a tree where he can do less damage to Mrs. Clinton.  By isolating Trump from the public, it changes the focus away from Hillary who will be free to say and do anything without fear of being checked by the press.

During the upcoming presidential debates, if the moderators begin by asking Mr. Trump why he said this or that, and if Mrs. Clinton isn’t asked about the Clinton Foundation and only given simple questions to answer, you’ll know the fix is in.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Voter, be wary of the Clinton News Network (CNN), the Clinton Broadcasting System (CBS), the Nation Beholding to Clinton (NBC), and Always Boost Clinton (ABC), not to mention the New York Crimes, the Worthlessness Post, and the Huffingandpuffing Pest.  It is time to take the Main Street Media down.

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorothy

Keep the Faith!

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