Video: Busch Gardens 16 People Trapped on Cheetah Hunt

Tampa Fire Rescue crews are on scene at Busch Gardens. Cheetah Hunt rollercoaster ride became stuck with approximately15 riders still on-board. We are utilizing multiple aerial ladder trucks to remove riders from the coaster. There are no reported injuries to civilians or firefighters at this time. Weather has not hampered the operation. Tampa Fire Rescue Public Information Officer is on scene.

Tampa Fire Rescue was dispatched to Busch Gardens at 4:01 pm Wednesday to respond to the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster. The fully-occupied train holding sixteen passengers was stuck at the crest of an approximately 50 foot rise in the track. TFR along with Busch Gardens personnel began safely and expeditiously removing the passengers from the train. The first passenger was removed at 4:46 pm and the last was removed at 5:48. Busch Gardens had a cherry picker and TFR had a ladder truck with a bucket to remove the passengers from the front and rear of the car simultaneously. No injuries were reported at the time TFR left the scene at 6:34 pm. Fourteen units from Tampa Fire Rescue responded.

Source: Tampa Fire Rescue Media