Video: Elderly Woman Crashes Into CVS

An 84 year-old woman crashed her vehicle through the front of CVS in Winter Haven narrowly missing a customer inside and causing an estimated $65,000 in damages.

On April 3, 2014 at 4:43 p.m., Margaret Underwood, 84, drove her husband to CVS in their 2008 Chevy Impala. Underwood stayed in the car while her husband went inside.

When he came back out of the store, Underwood began backing out of the parking space when she struck a Chevrolet Suburban that was driving in the parking lot. Underwood’s husband immediately went over to check on the Suburban while Underwood put the car in drive and returned to the parking spot. For unknown reasons, Underwood then accelerated forward and crashed through the front doors of the store, landing approximately 25 feet inside.

Inside of the store, 80 year-old Adrienne Watkins was walking along the front counter pushing a shopping cart. Watkins was looking at items, stopped and backed up a few feet to reach for an item she had passed. As she leaned down to retrieve the item, the vehicle came crashing through the door destroying the counter and narrowly missing Watkins. Watkins was taken to Winter Haven Hospital where she was treated for cuts and bruises.

CVS associate Stormy Fulcomer, 19, was in another part of the store stocking shelves when he heard the loud bang. As he approached the front of the store, he sees the vehicle and Watkins lying on the floor. Fulcomer rushed over to Watkins to render aid and heard the sound of the engine of the car. Fulcomer stated that the engine was revving at a high RPM and the wheels were also spinning. After he secured Watkins in a safe location, he opened the door assisting Underwood out of the car and ensuring the vehicle was off.

As the video shows, had Watkins not backed up when she did, the vehicle would have hit her and her injuries could have been much more severe. Damage to the store is estimated at $65,000. Underwood was cited for Improper Backing and Careless Driving.

Source: Winter Haven Police Department