Video: Texas House Falling Into Lake Whitney Burns

Lake Whitney House

There’s a house just outside of Fort Worth, Texas that sits atop a 75-foot cliff overlooking Lake Whitney. A section of the house has fallen into the lake and it was condemned. The homeowner bought this house in February, the house itself was built in 2007. It is a 4,000 square foot house worth $700,000.

To fuel the fire, crews set diesel fueled hay bails in the garage and lit them.

The homeowner himself is in Florida right now dealing with a personal matter (other than the house situation) as crews set fire to his house. He does have home insurance but will be responsible for the cleanup of his house. Crews have been preparing to set the house on fire since 10:00am CDT. Fire was set at 11:47am CDT. The house was expected to burn in a total of an hour and a half but it’s burning way faster than anticipated.

Watch it live: