Vicious Dog Corners, Bites Teen

According to the Tampa Police Department, officers responded to a call at Mango Avenue West and Grady Avenue South at about 7:45 a.m. where a dog had attacked two people.

The dog bit 14-year-old Alen Velic. A witness, 44-year-old Michelle Bennett, was driving by and saw the incident. She exited her vehicle, grabbed a rake and held off the dog so the other kids could find safety in a fenced in yard.

Robinson School Resource Officer Willie Lucas was the first on scene and found the group of people behind the fence. The officer exited his car and the dog charged the officer, who was forced to shoot the dog. Hillsborough County Animal Services arrived on scene and took the dog.

The two people attacked were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. According to officials, the dog broke loose from a chain from the home located at 4015 Mango Avenue.

The two victims sustained bites to the leg.