Train Passengers Too Distracted By Phones To Notice Gunman

subwayThe San Francisco Police Department says that security footage reveals the alleged killer of a young man on a San Francisco light-rail train had his weapon out in plain sight, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. But what investigators found more alarming is that none of the other passengers noticed because they were staring at their phones.

Recently released footage from a Muni security camera allegedly shows that on Sept. 23, Nikhom Thephakayson pulled out a .45-caliber pistol, raised it, pointed it across the aisle, put it down and continued to pull it out multiple times, even wiping his nose with the handgun. Absorbed in their phones, not one of the dozens of passengers reacted until he fired a bullet into the back of Justin Valdez, 20, a sophomore at San Francisco State University.


Source: Huffington Post