There’s A Serial Flasher On The Loose

Venice, Florida – There’s a serial flasher on the loose in Venice, and he’s been doing dirty deeds in the daylight.

The mystery man was caught in the act, fondling himself, by a young 24-year-old Venice native who was at the beach with her friend. The two were sunbathing Monday afternoon close to the beach hot spot Sharky’s.

The young woman snapped a picture on her cell phone, which could now be the most important piece of evidence in this case. The man’s hand is seen on his private area, and he’s naked. The picture is excellent quality.

Also, a tattoo can be seen on the man’s arm, which could be the key to identifying him.

“I was so scared,” the victim told 10 News. “It was disgusting. I couldn’t watch, but I wanted to keep an eye on him, sort of. I didn’t know what he was going to do next.”

This flasher is bold.

He was just a few feet away from the young woman and her friend when he began masturbating, making eye contact with them.

“He seemed to be excited- to be enjoying it,” the victim told 10 News.


Source: WTSP