Police Making a Mistake Embracing Killer Robots

Maduri: Are we getting closer to having a terminator police force?

AMERICA – In the aftermath of the Dallas shootings, police are facing questions  over the method used to kill the sniper in last week’s ambush. Dallas cops sent a robot armed with explosives to kill the shooter. It’s a scary prospect: robots  can do pretty much anything a person can do: communicate via speakers, go upstairs, and even use cameras to explore a scene. They fact that they’re now being used to kill suspects understandably makes some people think about Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator.”

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In Dallas, the use of the robot is completely justifiable. A man who was actively in the process of killing police officers had to be stopped, and the robot allowed police to do so without placing the lives of more officers in danger. An extreme solution worked in an extreme situation.

But will this mean that police may soon start to use robots more often? We know that drones are being used more and more often by the military for the same reason. We also know that because of 9/11, warrantless surveillance has been used extensively. At first it was because of terrorism. Now it’s being used routinely. The same thing could happen with robots. This is a slippery slope we need to be careful of.
The robot is used in Dallas was a Remotec Androx Mark V A-1, manufactured by Northrup Grumman, was purchased by the department in 2008. The robot, which cost $151,000, the Dallas police were the first law enforcement group in United States, that the robot was used in this manor to kill a shooter.

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The robot carried a single pound of C-4 an explosive compound that used in such as close quarters as the parking structure would do extensive to the human body.  In the Dallas it was enough to take out the shooter and did minor damage to the robot, doing slight damage to the arm.

Robots have been used both by the United States military extensively in war zones to check for bombs as well as for surveillance. Local police departments throughout the United States and the world have used the robots as bomb checking devices. Again, the first time it was used as an offensive weapon came in Dallas.

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