Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Tampa

A plane going from Tallahassee to Miami had to make an emergency landing at the Tampa International Airport Thursday night.

According to a Tampa Fire Rescue PIO, the plane landed safely with no injuries after the cockpit was filled with smoke.

Miami-Dade County School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho tweeted as the plane was attempting to land that he heard an explosion and saw smoke. Carvalho followed up with a second tweet announcing the plane landed safely.

Thankful for a safe, albeit tense, emergency landing in Tampa for AA flight from Tallahassee to Miami, following noise and smoke in cockpit and smell throughout cabin, Carvalho says. Eery silence after flight attendant announces “you probably noticed the loud noise and smoke…we are preparing for an emergency landing in Tampa.

According to TIA spokesperson Janet Zink, the plane was an American Airlines flight and had 50 passengers onboard.