Not A Single Wiretap Request Denied for Entire 2015

Computers, Cellphones, and other devices taped by law enforcement

WASHINGTON – A new report reveals that the police state is alive and well. They’ve found that over the last ten years, a wiretap requests have been denied only eight times. And in thought the entire year of 2015, not a single wiretap request was denied to law enforcement authorities. That’s judicial oversight for you…

Obviously, we need wiretaps. Especially in a post 9/11 era, we need to be able to monitor serious terror suspects. But that system only works if judges are willing to stop law enforcement is going too far. And these numbers are making it look lik e the judges who are approving wiretaps are giving law enforcement just about everything they want.

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Not every crime is connected to terrorism or poses a clear and present danger to the public safety. If that’s the standard that the government is using, you and I are in big trouble. The government has to have a reasonable suspicion that some crime is taking place before moving forward with a search or a wiretap. And if the people making the determination if that suspicion is reasonable are just giving the police everything they want, it’s clear that the 4th amendment is dead.
On background the new report, was conducted by the Federal Judiciary, looked at the prevalence of the FBI and state and local police petitioning for a warrant to surveil someone. Methods range from tracking their computer activity to bugging a home telephone or a room, though it overwhelmingly—96 percent of the time 2015—meant tracking or listening to their cell phone calls. It has become a common enough practice that in a ten-year span, a wiretap request has been denied only eight times, and never more than twice in a year. According to the report, “No wiretap applications were reported as denied in 2015.”

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