Mother, Daughters Died Of Accidental Heat Stroke In Car


HAGERSTOWN, Md. — A woman and her two daughters died from accidental heat stroke in a middle school parking lot, according to WTSP, citing the Maryland medical examiner’s office.

Allison Keyonda Pluck, 32, and her two daughters were found dead in their silver Nissan sedan on June 16. Pluck was found reclined in the driver’s seat while her daughters were found strapped in their child seats. According to police, the ignition was off, doors were locked, and the windows were rolled up.

A police spokesman says he was unaware of the medical examiner’s findings.

Police have not found a connection to the woman and the school.

A Wal-Mart surveillance video shows Pluck buying a DVD player at 6 am that day. And school surveillance shows the car arriving at the school at 6:16 am. Then the car drives around the back of the building and parking in an employee spot. The car remained there until the bodies were found nearly 10 hours later, at 4:30 pm.

Police say the children’s father lives in Hagerstown but never lived with the mother, nor was he married.