Man Eats Nothing But Raw Meat For Five Years

raw_meat_2013Meet Derek Nance. Five years ago, Derek had some mystery illness that killed his appetite and brought up anything he ate. The doctors suspected it was an allergy thing so Derek changed his diet. First he cut the wheat and dairy, but he still continued losing weight.

Getting desperate, he was soon online, chatting to people pushing all manner of lifesaving diets. Derek tried a Mediterranean diet (fish and vegetables) before ditching the fish and eventually becoming a vegan but nothing worked. Finally a guy who’d had similar symptoms recommended a carnivorous version of the Palaeolithic diet. With nothing to lose, Derek gave raw meat a try. That was five years ago and he now goes so far as to brush his teeth with animal fat.

For reasons I don’t properly understand I wanted to watch Derek eat a meal and he obliged. I found him in Lexington, Kentucky and we talked about vital organs, rotten meat, and health, which is the main point of this according to Derek. He’s never been healthier.