Four Suspects In Custody In Series Of Pellet Gun Shootings

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, beginning at about 9:30 A.M. this morning they began to receive over a half a dozen calls over a one hour period of people reporting being shot or shot at by suspects armed with a pellet gun driving a Silver SUV.

This occurred at several different locations throughout the City and officers were not aware of any serious injuries that resulted from these attacks, they said.

At approximately 10:45 A.M. officers located the suspect vehicle, a silver Ford Expedition, in the area of 9th Avenue North and 12th Street and took the four occupants were taken into custody and a pellet gun recovered.

Police say they have 10 shooting incidents in which 9 people were struck with pellets.

Those locations and victims, not in order of occurrence, are as follows;

7th Avenue North and Lafayette Street – adult male shot in the back

920 15th Avenue South – adult female shot in the back

3200 1st Avenue South – 2 adult men shot in the legs

1200 Northshore Drive NE – adult female shot in the leg

5th Ave NE and Bayshore Dr (Vinoy Park) – adult male and family shot at, but
not struck

447 23rd Avenue North – adult male shot in the back

4th Avenue North & 34 Street (near Mosley Motel) – adult male shot in the back

2nd Avenue NE and Bayshore Dr – two adult male, both struck in the hands

555 31 Street South – adult female shot in the back

900 4th Street North – two adult male shot at, but not struck

None of the injuries appear serious at this point.

Three of the four suspects (who are all adult males) detained will be charged in these cases, police said. The vehicle used by them belongs to the step-father of one of the suspects.