Dead Husband Leaves Potato Message

SHALIMAR — Ever since Sally Colburn’s husband died May 18, she’s been hoping he would find a way to send her a message from beyond.

Wednesday night he did, she says.

While making dinner, she pulled the last potato out of a 10-pound bag she’d bought before Jack died and immediately noticed that it was heart-shaped.

“I thought it must be a sign,” she said as she held the wrinkled potato in the palm of her hand. “We’d been married almost 50 years.”

The bag had been in her pantry for so long that some of the other potatoes had started to sprout.

Now, she’s trying to figure out how to preserve it.

 “It’s so unique,” said Colburn, who lives in Shalimar. “Somebody told me to put shellac on it.”

source: Associated press