Man Refuses To Get In Cop Car Without Flip Flops

Orlando police said a homeless man desperate for money from a Starbucks tip jar climbed into a drive-through window, assaulted an employee, and then threatened others inside with a chair.

On Saturday morning, Anthony M. Williams, 36, wedged himself between the Starbucks building on East Colonial Drive and a vehicle in the drive-through, and grabbed the tip jar at the window.

An employee told Williams he couldn’t take the money and tried to slide the jar away from him. Williams grabbed onto the employee and would not let go, according to a report released Monday.

As the employee pulled back, Williams climbed through the window and into the store. The employee fell, and Williams climbed over her.

Once inside the store, Williams picked up a chair, lifted it in the air, and threatened a second employee.

Employees tried to talk Williams out of the Starbucks, but he refused to leave without his flip-flops. An employee found one of the sandals in the store but couldn’t find the other.

Williams eventually left, and officers found him in the nearby Target parking lot.

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