FBI Failed to Inform Americans That They Were On ISIS Kill List

WASHINGTON – I’m sure you’ve never heard these words before: The government screwed up. The FBI failed to let hundreds of Americans know that their names appeared on ISIS “kill lists” posted online. It’s nice to know that the people charged with protecting from our lives from the most evil terrorists on the planet are on the ball…

Listen to the full story as I layout this stunning revelation that United States citizens were on a series of ISIS hit lists. 

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There is a huge problem with the way information is dealt with by our law enforcement and national security agencies. They are flooded with it. There is too much of it. They have millions of hours of audio. There’s millions of hours of video. There are endless transcripts. And there aren’t enough human beings to process it all. That’s why things like this happen.
We need to scale back our mass information gathering until we can deal with the information we have now. If we’re too busy to tell people that we’re in deadly danger, there’s no question that we must readjust our priorities.
It should be noted that there were people from Florida on the lists. As a matter of fact 15,000 names were on the multiple encrypted websites. The most stunning thing about this story is that had it not been the small news operation Circa News broke the story. The website and news app by broadcast giant Sinclair, were able to somehow get the lists that were not public and began contacting people to see if they were aware they were on the lists.
In Texas, 22 of the 24 people they contacted had not previously been told by authorities that they were listed.Circa News made sample calls to the everyday Americans who appeared on them, from college professors and military personnel to art collectors and homemakers.

It is not known how many people were from Florida or if Circa was able to contact them.

Between March 2 and the end of May, hacked ISIS accounts exposed eight kill lists.

They included the names and addresses of 70 plus military personnel or family members, 56 New Jersey state police officers, 36 Minnesota state police officers, 11 county board members in Tennessee, 50 federal employees, and dozens of New York residents.

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In Texas, just two of the 24 people contacted whose names were on the hit lists were aware of the threat against them.

The FBI officials have said they planned on notifying every person on the kill list.

A spokesperson said: ‘The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information.”

Lastly, in some instances, the crucial information never left the FBI offices, leaving even police departments uninformed. Police spokesman Chris Hooper of Corpus Christi, Texas had no idea one of its citizens was on the ISIS hit list until Circa’s call. “We were not contacted by the Army or the FBI referencing the threat to [one of] our citizen[s],” Christi said.

Others, meanwhile, were told their lives might be in danger but were given no further details. “The army didn’t give me any detailed information. I didn’t even get advice on how to protect myself,” said Amelia, an army wife who asked Circa to use a pseudonym during her interview to protect her identity. “I had no idea I was on an ISIS hit list until you called me,” she said, referring to a telephone call Circa made to her residence earlier in June.

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