FBI: Clinton Didn’t Intend to Break Law, Broke Law, But That’s Fine

WASHINGTON – FBI Director James Comey came out this morning and said that although Hillary Clinton and her staff were careless with her email account while she was Secretary of State, he was going to recommend to the Justice Department that she not be indicted. What’s amazing is that in the press conference he gave, he began with a several minute litany of all the things that Hillary and her staff had done wrong. If you started watching this thing from the beginning, you could have been forgiven for thinking that we was going go the other way and recommend an indictment.

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It’s difficult to find fault with Comey specifically. He has served under both Democratic and Republican administrations and does not seem like someone who would cater on political terms. However, the wording of the statute that Hillary potentially violated specifies that she would have to meet the standard of “gross negligence” in dealing with her email. And the laundry list of mistakes she made certainly seem to meet that standard.
The problem with the entire pursuit of this avenue of attack against Clinton, though, is that it doesn’t get to the heart of her corruption. What we need to focus on is the way she’s sold out the country through donations to the Clinton Foundation. Her email scandal is an example of her arrogance and carelessness. Let’s focus on her outright fraud.
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