Father Forced Son To Drink Till He Passed Out

Mark Allen Hughes mugshot

A Sweetwater, Tennessee father forced his son to drink until he passed out as punishment for catching the 15-year-old drinking.

WBIR-TV reports Sweetwater police have charged 35-year-old Mark Allen Hughes Tuesday with aggravated child abuse, neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to WTAE, Hughes gave his son Vodka shots and told him “Take it. Take it. You’re going to learn.”

Per WTAE, the police were called to the home by witnesses who told them Hughes forced his son to play a drinking game. Officers performed CPR until an ambulance arrived because he had no pulse when they arrived.

But according to his grandmother, via WTAE, the boy is doing fine now after being placed on a ventilator. The police chief says the case will be processed to the fullest.