Chihuahua Puppy Found In Mall Bathroom

PORT RICHEY, Florida — His name is Peanut. A Chihuahua puppy who almost perished in the potty. No kidding. Someone left him in the bathroom at Gulfview Square Mall in Port Richey. A lady discovered him, and turned him in.

“He was found hanging in a sac on a knob in a stall, in a bathroom stall, at Gulfview Square Mall. He was just abandoned there,” said Joanne Schoch, executive director of the Humane Society of the Nature Coast.

Peanut is now in a foster home, and he’s a lucky pup. Animal experts think Peanut spent all day in the bathroom with no food or water. At less than a year old, chihuahua puppies need to eat often because they have little body weight or fat. They say if he stayed in the bathroom any longer, Peanut may not have survived.

“Not only just being left there, but who knows who could have found the bag? Not everyone is kind to animals. Leaving any animal to fend for itself is a dangerous thing,” said Schoch.

Peanut is getting lots of love and attention now. He loves people and is a playful little guy. Who would abandon Peanut is anyone’s guess, but it doesn’t really matter now. Schoch said Peanut is ready for his new forever friend to step forward.

“He is going to get a new loving home with someone who truly deserves him.”

 The Humane Society’s phone number is 352-796-2711