Why Rio Was The Worst Spot For The Olympics

IOC Should Pick Better Locations

There are plenty of awful things going on during in Rio around the Olympics this year. The head of security resigned before the games began. A guard was shot in the head. The Zika virus is rampant. A kayaker hit a submerged couch. And now swimmer Ryan Lochte has been robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro. We should have held the Olympics in South Central LA…

Lochte confirmed that he and swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen were robbed at gunpoint. They were pulled over my men with a police badge. They demanded that Lochte get down on the ground. Lochte refused at first, but one man pulled out his gun and it to his forehead and took Lochte’s money.

It’s not even about the robbery, which is blatant and rampant at the same time. The criminals aren’t even trying to hide this anymore. The police aren’t doing enough to stomp crime, there was one photojournalist who had $40K worth of gear stolen. Really? Not to mention the fact that the Rio officials had to close down a pool due to the bacteria that has caused a lot of issues for the Olympians.

Why do we insist in holding the Olympics so often in 3rd world hell-holes? I know that Brazil is supposed to have an “up and coming” economy, but Brazilian state the Olympics are in has run out of money, the Olympic Village was a disaster, and the president is being impeached. At this point, it’s almost as bad as all of the FIFA World Cup host cities going on. The IOC takes money where it can find it and then exploits these cities/countries. It’s not worth the investment.

Tokyo in 2020 should be OK. But maybe we need to give it give it to an actual industrialized nation next time.

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