Police Dept Bumper Sticker ‘All Lives Matter’ Creating Controversy

How does a harmless bumper sticker cause a firestorm?

One small town Mississippi police department has caused a controversy for what some are calling a racist bumper sticker that says “All Lives Matter.” The sticker is  displayed on the cities police vehicles. In the town of Edwards, Police Chief Torrence Mayfield and the town’s Mayor Marcus Wallace spent their own money to purchase decals.
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Not that it should matter but both Sheriff Mayfield and Mayor Wallace are black and fully stand behind their move.
How has something that looks so innocent seem been twisted into a controversy?
 ‘All Lives Matter’  what is being displayed on the police cars could be seen by some as controversial according to sheriff Mayfield. He is fully aware that his bumper stickers are not going to be universally accepted.
I understand that “Blue Lives Matter,” is not going to be welcome by everyone and neither is ‘Black Lives Matter’,” bumper sticker Mayfield told WLBT-TV, which first reported about the decals.

“You are not going to be able to please everyone, but 100 percent of my officers completely agreed, as did the Mayor. The force and our mayor loved it,” said Mayfield.

How can the statement that all human life is important be controversial?
How far can political correctness have gone when only the acknowledgement of only variety of human life is considered acceptable? I fear for the safety of these police officers. By making a basic statement of fact,they may have placed their lives in even greater danger than usual.
Can we just start by agreeing to the concept that we shouldn’t shoot each other? Cops shouldn’t shoot people unless absolutely necessary and other people shouldn’t do it at all? Black, blue, or otherwise – we all have to live in this country together. Let’s try to stay here as long as we can.
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