‘Pokemon Go’ Players Trash Fort Phoenix

Fort Phoenix is near Boston, Massachusetts. It’s the site of the first naval battle of the Revolutionary war. A place where people go to remember their history and recollect how we first struggle to become a nation. Why is it in the news? Because people playing Pokémon Go have been leaving piles of trash behind, vandalizing the fort and going to the bathroom on the grounds. It seems that those who do not know their history are doomed to play augmented reality games.

Think about this: this fort has survived for over 200 years. It survived the Civil War. It survived every hurricane and storm that came through Boston over that course of time. But now it’s being destroyed by video game players.

That’s the problem with augmented or virtual reality. It has a nasty habit of not taking actual reality into account. This isn’t the first time the hottest game has gotten into a bit of trouble. There are people driving while trying to play and there are many more who aren’t paying attention as they walk. But more importantly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. There have been Pokemon players near Arlington Cemetery and also at Auschwitz, these places should have been off limits. The fact that the creators of Pokemon Go didn’t create some dead zones and respected some of these places is on them. People don’t like it and it’s understandable. It’s disrespectful that these historical places are being overrun with a bunch of people who don’t seem to respect what they stand for. It’s a disgrace.

It’s easy to create a fantasy world of escapism. But what about the world that you’re escaping from? When people start taking a crap on the history of the United States – literally – because of a video game, it’s time to start rethinking things…

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