Maduri: #MelaniaGate Nothing To See Here

Dan Maduri:Melania Trump Plagiarized Her RNC Speech and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Melania Trump got high marks for delivery in her first test on a national stage, as well as she should because she is not a politician. She was reluctant to speak in public but Ms. Trump stepped on to a stage in front of 35 million people on television to give her first speech. Two hours after the speech was given a silly controversy broke out.

The Trump campaign continues to face accusations that portions of Mrs. Trump’s Monday night speech at the Republican National Convention were lifted from a convention speech given eight years ago by Michelle Obama, academics have been picking apart a string of 23 words and reprimanding the Trump campaign for not vetting of the speech.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chris Harrick, a spokesman for, a website used by 12,000 institutions to detect plagiarism, said hundreds of academics ran Mrs. Trump’s remarks through the website as word began to spread that the speech might have been partially plagiarized.

In that same Wall Street Journal story looked into the controversy and quoted some experts on the issue.  “Plagiarism is often unintentional,” said its chief executive, Brad Hoover. “It can come from the subconscious or as a well-meaning tribute to the original source.”


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The Trump campaign denied there was any plagiarism in the speech. Mrs. Trump used “common words and values” in her prime-time speech, said Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on Tuesday.

According to the New York Times that two former George W. Bush speechwriters, Matthew Scully and John McConnell, reportedly had no forewarning that the speech was so different from their original version until they watched the address on television.

The Times went on to report that Ms. Trump requested help from a woman named Meredith McIver. McIver is a former ballet dancer and English major who wrote a handful of Donald’s books, the newspaper reported. It remains unclear, though, how large of a role McIver played in the speech’s wording, and she didn’t respond to a request for an interview from the Times.

But in the end no one is going to not vote for Donald Trump because of a few words lifted from an old speech was delivered by his wife.

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