Maduri: Cruz Has No One To Blame But Himself

It was not a good night for Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz – known to America as a former Republican presidential candidate, a senator, and perhaps the ugliest man on the face of the earth – decided that he was so bitter about the campaign that he would not endorse Donald Trump for president. He made this decision in spite of the fact that he had promised to do so. But I guess, just like most politicians, he feels no obligation to actually keep his promises…

Naturally, the Republican National Convention was not happy with him. Cruz was booed off the stage. He placed himself above the unity of the party and the good of the country in order to stab Trump in the back.

Cruz’s reasoning and rationale was that he refused to support a man who “attacked his wife and father.” It’s easy to see why Cruz would be upset and it’s definitely entertaining to know that he waited until Trump’s big moment to go ahead and shut him down.

But there is more to this story than Cruz essentially, according to GOP officials, committing political suicide.

What amazes me is why Donald Trump allowed him to speak when he knew that Cruz was not going to endorse him. Trump still let him speak even though he had seen the speech in advance. It is a tribute to Trump, who had the self-assurance to allow his enemies to have their say, rather than shut them down. One would think that after seeing the speech, it would have been prudent to not let an opponent, one who has a bad history, go on stage and embarrass the GOP.

It belies everything that his opponents say about his supposed authoritarianism.It also makes one wonder whether or not Trump really is ready for the primetime stage to run for presidency.