MADURI: CIA Employing Clairvoyants Since 1994 to Produce Global Instability

Dan Maduri: CIA Uses Tarot Cards To Protect Us against terrorists

The CIA. keeping the United States safe from dangers abroad responsibility to provide for the common defense is written explicitly in the preamble of our constitution. It identifies protecting our homeland as the most important responsibility of the federal government.

Making sure we have the latest data about the terrorist threat. Even spying on foreign leaders and ordinary American citizens when necessary.  For instance, our growing use of cyber technology has advanced our economy but also rendered us extremely vulnerable. Cyberattacks have the potential to totally disrupt critical infrastructure like power grids, communication systems, and economic facilities.

Well it turns out they not only use the latest technology to do their job, they also employ psychic powers when necessary. The CIA is using clairvoyants to get the information internationally, here in the good old U.S.A. and even locally.

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In 1994, the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence commissioned the Political Instability Task Force, a clairvoyant-esque squad whose job is to produce global instability forecasts. Nice to note that this happened early in the second year of the Clinton administration. So the money that we give them to tap phones and bug bad guys is going to Madame Mysterious and her International Threat Tarot Card Deck.

Maybe she used to be one of Bill’s campaign contributors, who knows. Look, if the CIA and the NSA and the FBI are going to monitor all of our calls and spy on American citizens without a warrant, it’s time to fire the clairvoyants. Better yet, rather than using technology of questionable value, hire people – not people connected to the spirit world – that focus on intelligence, do basic detective work, and do their jobs.

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