Donald Trump’s Communication’s Problem

Donald Trump is having a communications problem.

We’ve all seen the difficulty that he is having with getting his point across to those who have an intrinsic bias against him to begin with. His attack on a military family, his attack on a baby, his comments on “Second Amendment people”. Now the mainstream media has exaggerated all of these gas to a ridiculous extent. But Trump is making it worse. Now he’s saying that President Obama is the founder of ISIS.

Now, I can understand how someone would say that as a metaphoric, hyperbolic underlining of the fact that President Obama has mishandled the Middle East. Most people believe that President Obama withdrew from Iraq too precipitously and as a result, created a power vacuum in which Isis was allowed to flourish. So while president Obama is not literally the founder of Isis, an argument could be made to see how he contributed to its development.

And that’s where Donald Trump is going wrong. Donald Trump doubled down on his remarks today and said that President Obama is literally the founder of Isis. The host that he was on with even tried to help him, saying I know what you mean, but if you say it that way, people are going to misinterpret you. But no. Trump insisted that President Obama literally founded Isis.

Donald Trump needs to get back on message. Donald Trump needs to focus on the economy, and pound the same lines into audiences again and again about how he can fix it about how Clinton can’t and how he will represent a shift away from her variety of establishment politics. He needs to stop flying off the handle and discipline himself in terms of his public statements. If he doesn’t, we are guaranteed a Clinton presidency.

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