Dems Invited Orlando Shooter’s Father to Clinton Rally

Dems Had To Know Pulse Shooters Father Would Be There

Hillary Clinton is a calculating politician. She and her team plan their political strategy and their rallies very carefully. So something that happened recently in Kissimmee That is either an enormous oversight on their part or sending a really disturbing signal about who they are trying to appeal to politically.

It turns out that when she was speaking at this rally in Kissimmee, sitting right behind her, visible on camera, was the father of the Orlando shooter. Did they not vet the people who appear immediately behind the candidate? Do they not know that the Internet is certain to check up on everyone that appears behind her?

It seems to be a bit of a far stretch for him to just be right behind her by mere chance. It’s an opportunity that Clinton and her campaign would not have wanted to miss out on and it’s something one would expect from her. She is a politician after all and the optics of having the Orlando Pulse shooter’s dad is can’t miss television for the evening news.

Could it be that Hillary Clinton and her team actually knew that this man was sitting behind her? Is it a subtle signal to the Muslim community that they need not worry under her administration? And is it conceivable that it is meant to signal that violent extremism will not be pursued as doggedly under her reign? Clinton campaign claims that they weren’t aware of his appearance until after the event.

But can we believe her? It’s hard enough for her to answer honestly about emails to a Congressional committee. But if this is what the optics of a Hillary Clinton campaign is going to be, it’s not something that should be for the American people.

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