Stage Four Cancer Patient Asks For Tim Tebow’s Prayers

Do you really need a celebrity to pray for you/

What would you want on your bucket list? A trip around the world, lunch with George Clooney, or maybe seeing U2 live in London. Well if you have stage four cancer you have very little time to tick things off your list and a woman in the Jacksonville area has request that is very unique.

The cancer patient is Carolyn Bucca is requesting that former University of Florida Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow pray with her personally.

“Tim, I wanted to write to you in a letter on behalf of myself and my girlfriend that have always wanted to meet our mentor, you,” says Bucca.

Carolyn says there’s a deep faith she shares with the football player. So much so that meeting Tebow is number one on her bucket list. “He would have the black on his face proclaiming his love to the lord and it just touched our hearts.”

But Carolyn has stage 4 cancer and no time to waste. “We don’t know how long it’s going to be for us, it’s kind of scary but we don’t have fear because we have the lord.”

There is no question that Tebow, who has made no secret of his strong dedication to his religious beliefs will most likely be more than happy to grant her wish if the request gets to him.

While, of course I have sympathy for Ms. Bucca, or anyone who has cancer it is a terrible disease.

But honestly, how egotistical is this? To requested a celebrity, pray specifically for you? There are millions of people in the world who have cancer. Celebrities can’t pray for all of them.

Furthermore, doesn’t the idea of a celebrity intervening with the Almighty contradict the idea that we all have a direct personal relationship with God? Shouldn’t everyone’s prayer be of equal value? She should ask anyone to pray for her, not just a celebrity

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