Closed Minds Opened is a hit and why the web based show is needed now more than ever.

United Cities Productions announced today that is has launched a new video series to investigate how outside influences are painting an untrue picture of the Black community. The series will be hosted by Bruce Maduri, CEO of News Talk Florida and Jeffrey Copeland, Tampa Bay Political Consultant, Business Leader and Concert Promoter.

Closed Minds Opened was developed to address current civil issues related to the killing of George Floyd. The series looks to remove negative connotations escalated by mainstream media and have honest, friendly, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations related to racial inequality.

Check out episode number one right now and look for more of them to be right here on News Talk Florida.

Closed Minds Opened will investigate current events in the Black Community and highlight inspiring stories of individuals that overcame adversity and became successful business and community leaders.

“The only way to solve the problem is to have honest curiosity and open conversations with people that you trust,” said Bruce Maduri, Co-Host of Closed Minds Opened and CEO of News Talk Florida. “We will ask the hard questions, be ok being uncomfortable, and celebrate the Black culture.”

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