Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Florida News: Wildlife

Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attacks Home Depot Worker

A diaper-wearing monkey escaped a truck and attacked a Home Depot employee as the worker tried to locate the monkey's owner.

Gator Sought After Reports of Possible Attack in Davie Park

Authorities worked Friday to capture an alligator in a Florida pond after a witness' report led police to believe the animal may have dragged a woman into the water.

Florida Bear Lured to Safety With Waffles

A black bear taking a stroll through a busy, urban section of one Florida city was lured to safety by a popular breakfast staple: waffles. Florida wildlife officers said the yearling bear was spotted Monday morning near a Fort Myers apartment complex.

Man Digging for Tortoises Says He Planned to Eat Them

Florida wildlife officials say a man they found in possession of two gopher tortoises, said he didn't want to keep them as pets — he planned to eat them. Martin County Sheriff's officials said they found 28-year-old Robert Lane digging into the ground Sunday pulling out gopher tortoises at Seabranch Preserve State Park.

Rogue South Carolina Kangaroo Nabbed Again

News outlets report the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that a mischievous marsupial was roaming the county for the second time in three days. Maj. Robert Christie says authorities have yet to discern how it escaped, but it’s likely the kangaroo found a weak spot in the fence or a gate left open.

12 Hours With A Bear For Holley Family

A young black bear that spent roughly 12 hours roaming around a Florida family’s home had raided their garbage can and approached the front porch while standing on its hind legs.

Alaska Dive Fishermen Plead For Relief From Sea Otters

Northern sea otters, once hunted to the brink of extinction along Alaska’s Panhandle, have made a spectacular comeback by gobbling some of the state’s finest seafood — and fishermen are not happy about the competition.

Rescuers Bitten After Mistaking Bobcats for Domestic Kittens

Three well-meaning people suffered bites when the kittens they rescued after hearing them mewling in a San Antonio alley turned out to be ravenous bobcat cubs .

Walrus Surprise Residents In Remote Alaska Village

Residents of a village of 110 on the Alaska Peninsula see the occasional walrus in Bering Sea waters, but when 200 packed a beach just outside the community, it took them by surprise.

African Warthog Found Wandering Through West Palm Beach

African warthogs, not surprisingly, are not native to Florida so state wildlife officials are investigating how one wound up loose in a suburban neighborhood.
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