Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Doug Smith To Talk With Michael Drejka’s Attorney John Travena

John Travena, an attorney representing Michael Drejka in a manslaughter trial that looks to once again put Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law to the test, will join guest host Doug Smith on The Erik Kuselias Show Friday afternoon.

Clearwater Shooter In Stand Your Ground Case Charged With Manslaughter

Michael Drejka, 47, has been charged with the July 19 death of Markeis McGlockton outside a Clearwater convenience store, Pinellas County State Attorney Bernie McCabe said. Drejka was being held at the county jail on $100,000 bail. It is unknown if he has an attorney.

Markeis McGlockton Is Dead. Where Is Rick Scott?

When Markeith Loyd killed his girlfriend and a police officer, indirectly caused the death of another police officer, and the death penalty wasn’t put on the table, Rick Scott was all over the case like white on rice.

Justices to Take up ‘Stand Your Ground’ Split

The controversial 2017 change shifted a key burden of proof in “stand your ground” cases --- a shift that can play a role in determining whether people claiming self-defense should be shielded from prosecution. But two appellate courts have split about whether the change should apply to defendants who were arrested before the 2017 law took effect but whose cases were pending.

Florida law shifts burden of proof in ‘stand your ground’

Florida became the first state with a law that spells out that prosecutors, and not defendants, have the burden of proof in pretrial "stand your ground" hearings when Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Friday. The measure was among 16 bills that Scott signed, including a bill that gives students and school employees a broader right to express their religious viewpoint in schools.