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Parkland School Shooting Suspect Foretold Intention In Videos

In chilling cellphone videos released Wednesday, the suspect in a February massacre at a Florida high school announced his intention to become the next school shooter, aiming to kill at least 20 people and saying "you're all going to die."

Parkland Parents Decry Game That Simulates School Shootings

An upcoming computer video game that would allow players to re-create school shootings by stalking school hallways and racking up kills has been condemned as insensitive and inappropriate by the parents of students who were shot to death during the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Families of 2 Students Killed In Parkland Sue Gun Maker

The families of two students killed in the Parkland, Florida, school shootings are suing the gun manufacturer that built and the store that sold the weapon used in the attack that killed 17.

Parkland Students Reach Out To Texas High School Where 10 Are...

Parkland Students Reach Out To Texas High School Where 10 Are Dead/ Another mass shooting at a high school brings kids together.

Release On Bail Set For School Shooting Suspect’s Brother

The brother of Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz is set to appear at a probation violation court hearing in which his attorney is seeking release on bail.

Students Begin School Walkouts On Columbine Anniversary

Students from Florida to Chicago started streaming out of their schools Friday in the latest round of gun-control activism following the February shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Parkland Students Top Fortunes List: The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Parkland Students Top Fortunes List: The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. The movement that is less than a year old scored the top spot.

Black Community Drowning In Gunfire Questions Parkland Reply

What good are extended waiting periods to South Florida’s minority communities when the shooters who terrorize their neighborhoods are often stealing weapons and buying them on the street?

Parkland Teacher Left Loaded Gun In Public Restroom

A chemistry teacher at the Florida school where 17 people were shot to death has been arrested. Authorities say he left a loaded gun in a public restroom, where a drunk homeless man picked it up and fired it.

Lawyer: Parkland Shooting Suspect Needs Public Defense

Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz should continue to be represented at taxpayer expense because he likely does not have the assets to pay a private lawyer for what will rapidly balloon into a multi-million dollar case, his public defenders told a judge Wednesday.