Sunday, November 28, 2021

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In Case You Missed It: Bill O’Reilly On Florida Live...

Bill O'Reilly, for years, as one of cable news' thought leaders as a nightly host on Fox News.  The conservative commentator was unafraid to ruffle feathers and say exactly what he felt on a given issue, earning him a reputation as someone worthy of attention whether or not a viewer agreed with him.

The National Press War With President Trump

The press is ultimately asking the public to choose sides, thereby further dividing the country, for in the end, people will be asked to determine if the press is "the enemy of the people" or if it is Mr. Trump, and I'm afraid they are not going to like the answer they receive.

Deadspin Video Illustrated Sinclair Stations’ Messaging

Video shows anchors reading a script NEW YORK (AP) — A video with dozens of news anchors reading a script about “fake stories” put in...