Friday, October 22, 2021



Florida Democrats Ask Feds To Block Health Care Change

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and other Florida Democrats are calling on federal authorities to reject a proposed change to the state’s Medicaid program. The administration of Gov. Rick Scott has asked for approval to shorten the amount of time that people can apply for Medicaid coverage once they need medical help. The move could save an estimated $98 million.

How the Senate bill’s cuts to Medicaid would harm Florida

Critics pounced after the Senate released its long-awaited bill to dismantle President Barack Obama's health care law on Thursday, saying its proposed cuts to Medicaid could be disastrous for the roughly 3.6 million Florida residents who rely on the program. Beginning in 2020, it would limit the federal funds Florida and other states get for Medicaid, a program whose expansion was a key part of the Affordable Care Act. Medicaid currently provides all the money needed to cover eligible recipients and procedures for millions of newly insured people.

Florida Schools brace for impact if Congress cuts Medicaid spending

WASHINGTON (AP) -- For school districts from Florida to California, still getting their financial footing after the Great Recession, the Medicaid changes being advanced as...