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Is There Really An Immigration Problem?

Whereas Sec. Nielsen reported an influx in arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal records during 2018, the Democrats responded this simply wasn’t so. The question is, what is the truth?

Border Security or Humanitarian Concern – David Jolly: Unbiased and Unplugged...

On yesterday's show, David discusses border security.  Are immigrants at the southern border with Mexico peacefully seeking asylum?  David also breaks down White House...

Non Lethal Force? – David Jolly: Unbiased, Unplugged – 11/26/18

On today's show, David discusses the ongoing crisis at the Mexico Border.  Do we have an obligation to hear these petitions to seek asylum? ...
Congress Migrant Families

1,488 Migrant Children Cannot Be Found By Federal Agency

Twice in less than a year, the federal government has lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children after placing them in the homes of sponsors across the country, federal officials have acknowledged.

Trump’s Immigration Messaging Is Wavering A Lot

Trump spent the last two weeks of June telling congressional Republicans to both pass an immigration reform bill, any bill, and give up on the campaign entirely until after the 2018 November midterm elections.

Here Is The Man Leading In Mexico’s Presidential Race Who Calls...

This will be the third bid for the presidency for López Obrador, 64, who previously served as mayor of Mexico City from 2000 until 2005, when he entered his first run for the presidency. He narrowly lost in 2006, and then lost again by a larger margin in 2012, and in both cases refused to concede the election, alleging electoral fraud.

Trump Is Upset Congress Failed To Pass an Immigration Law.

The problem was despite the possibility of some bi-partisan support the bill died when the Freedom Caucus would not support provided a t path to citizenship for Dreamers wanted by the Democrats, and in exchange they were willing to give funding to build President Trump’s border wall as well as curbing legal immigration.

Florida Impacted By Court Ruling on Returning Children To Parents From...

Here is the latest information on the reuniting of parents with their kids from our partners at the Associated Press. A judge in California has ordered U.S. border authorities to reunite separated families within 30 days.

Democrats Avoid Blowback While Refusing To Sign Onto Any Bill That...

Multiple Republicans in the House and Senate crafted proposals in June to deal with family separation. They even went a step further, attempting to address both the root causes and consequences of illegal immigration, like the lack of judicial infrastructure to deal with the massive waves of migrants entering the country illegally.

‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ – Trump Ready For Immigration Battle Despite Critics

The fallout from Trump’s handling of the separation of immigrant children from their families, which led to a sharp reversal from the president, has been reminiscent of the chaos sparked when Trump opened his administration by imposing a travel ban on immigrants entering from majority Muslim countries.