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Live coverage of the “Morning after Irma hits the Tampa Bay...

Speaking this morning on MSNBC the mayor of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, talked about warning his city's 377,000 residents to get ready for Hurricane Irma's wrath. He talked about a press conference where on Thursday when he warned his city's residents that "We are about to get punched in the face by this storm.

TV correspondents face danger they told others to avoid

It’s a paradox of hurricane coverage: people on television spend days warning the public to get out of harm’s way, then station their correspondents squarely in the middle of howling wind and rain and hope they don’t get hurt.

Lakeland police rescue family from submerged car

Police in Lakeland, Florida, say a family with small children was rescued from a car that was submerged in water as Hurricane Irma crossed the area. Lakeland police said in a Facebook post that officers rescued the family of four early Monday as water reached the children’s car seats. No one was injured and police were able to get the family back to their home.

Live Video Coverage As Hurricane Irma Targets The Tampa Bay Area

As of 8 a.m., Hurricane Irma continues to take aim at the west coast of Florida as a low-end Category 3 hurricane with winds now at 130 mph. At this hour Irma is located about 10 miles northwest Caibarien, Cuba, and about 225 miles south of Miami and is moving west-northwest at 12 mph. The latest from the National Weather Service has Hurricane Irma is now heading for Florida's West Coast. Sunday night the Tampa Bay area is very likely to feel hurricane force winds all the way north to Hernando County.

Irma Brings Fears Of Surge, Sewers And Toxins To Tampa Area

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — As Irma marches up Florida’s Gulf Coast toward Tampa Bay, residents fear what the storm will do to an area that hasn’t taken a direct hit from a major hurricane since 1921.

The Latest: Island Residents Urged To Go To Higher Floors

The Marco Island police department is warning people who didn’t evacuate to get to higher floors in their buildings.

Florida Man’s Joke About Shooting Irma Taken Seriously

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man says that his Facebook event inviting people to shoot at Hurricane Irma was a joke...

Google searches show Floridian’s want to know all about Irma

[youtube] As Hurricane Irma makes land fall in Florida there are plenty of people on their computers looking up all kinds of data. According...

Over 3 million Floridian’s could be without power statewide by Monday

[youtube] As Irma steams toward the Tampa Bay area there is a very good chance that there will be massive power outages. Large loss of...