Friday, May 20, 2022



Gwen Graham Says Legal Abortion In Florida Is In “Peril”

Graham met with more than 20 women to discuss the future of abortion in Florida, and one-by-one they told her that they were afraid rights to a safe, legal abortion could be set back decades

Graham and Greene Exchange Fire in Florida As The Primary Draws...

Graham fired back on Tuesday, noting that she had the support of the Everglades Trust and showcasing a new ad in which she punches back at Greene.

Gwen Graham Builds a Solid Lead Over Philip Levine

Mason Dixon released a poll of likely Florida Democratic primary voters on Friday morning which shows Graham with a solid lead, taking 27 percent in the five candidate field. In second place is former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine with 18 percent.

Ron DeSantis, Gwen Graham Ahead in Florida Gubernatorial Primary Poll

Kevin Wagner, a political science at FAU and a research fellow of the Initiative, said that President Donald Trump’s support has helped propel DeSantis into the lead. Trump will be heading to Tampa next week as he continues to back DeSantis.

Democratic IT Aide Says Imran Awan Solicited Bribe From Him In...

0 By: Luke Rosiak  Democratic IT aide Imran Awan solicited a bribe from an IT vendor in exchange for work with then-Rep. Gwen Graham, the...

New Polls Show Plenty of To-Close-To-Call Races In Florida As The...

Two polls are out and they have differing results, we have the latest NBC News/Marist poll released late Tuesday with Sen. Nelson holding a lead over Gov. Scott, but then there is a new CBS/YouGov poll gave Scott a slight edge.

Maurice Ferre Endorses Gwen Graham for Governor

“On June 20, 1782, the Great Seal of the United States was adopted by an Act of Congress. On that seal was the de facto motto for our country, ‘E Pluribus Unum’ which means, ‘Out of Many, One’. Now, on August 28, 2018, Florida’s Democratic voters have a chance to vote for the gubernatorial candidate, who I believe most offers Floridians the opportunity to come together, to bring us ‘out of the many, to one.’ That winning candidate, and my choice for governor, is Gwen Graham,” Ferre said in his endorsement.

Floridians From Both Parties Not Clear On Who They Want As...

Floridian's From Both Parties Not Clear On Who They Want As Governor . Both the Sunshine State Republicans and Democrats have choices.

Is Gwen Graham Thinking Of Adding David Jolly As Her Running...

One of the great things about covering is the rumors because that just make life more fun. The latest rumor has Florida Democratic candidate,...

First Florida Republican Governor’s Candidates Get Together Set For Orlando

First GOP Republican Governor's Get Together Set For Orlando. Many members of the party have at least two candidates with another set to enter the field.