Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Second Amendment Sanctuary push aims to defy new gun laws in...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI7caBKJGj8&w=560&h=315] BUCKINGHAM, Va. (AP) — A standing-room only crowd of more than 400 packed the meeting room, filled the lobby and spilled into the...

Putnam’s Concealed Weapons Licensing Process Will Be A Big Political Issue...

And the Sebring Republican is joined by two of her primary opponents, former state Rep. Baxter Troutman of Winter Haven and Plant City businessman Mike McCalister, in saying accountability for problems with background checks rests with Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, a Republican who is running for governor.

Don’t Believe What Pollsters Say about the Gun Control Views of...

None of these pollsters has access to NRA’s membership list. NRA strictly protects its membership list and doesn’t give it to mainstream media types, pollsters, solicitors or anyone else.  It is a private list and always has been. Anyone who claims to have access to NRA’s membership list is not telling the truth.

Florida Stopped Doing Gun Permit Checks For Over A Year

For more than a year, Florida failed to do national background checks that could have disqualified people from gaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Pasco Deputy Leaves Gun In Burger King Bathroom

Authorities have found a gun that a Florida deputy left in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant. A Pasco County Sheriff's Office news release says that the gun was found with the help of a police dog in wooded area early Saturday

Families of 2 Students Killed In Parkland Sue Gun Maker

The families of two students killed in the Parkland, Florida, school shootings are suing the gun manufacturer that built and the store that sold the weapon used in the attack that killed 17.

After Flirting With Gun-Control Movement, Trump Faces NRA

Back for a return engagement, President Donald Trump’s address to the National Rifle Association on Friday comes after he temporarily strayed from the group’s strong opposition to tougher gun controls following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida — only to rapidly return to the fold.

Black Community Drowning In Gunfire Questions Parkland Reply

What good are extended waiting periods to South Florida’s minority communities when the shooters who terrorize their neighborhoods are often stealing weapons and buying them on the street?

Parkland Teacher Left Loaded Gun In Public Restroom

A chemistry teacher at the Florida school where 17 people were shot to death has been arrested. Authorities say he left a loaded gun in a public restroom, where a drunk homeless man picked it up and fired it.

South Carolina Congressman Draws Gun At Constituent Meeting

Said "I'm not going to be a Gabby Giffords" ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina congressman pulled out his own loaded handgun during...