Wednesday, June 7, 2023



Facebook bans deepfakes in fight against online manipulation

[youtube] LONDON (AP) — Facebook says it is banning “deepfake” videos, the false but realistic clips created with artificial intelligence and sophisticated tools, as...

Alex Jones Banned From Facebook, Youtube and other Social Media Platforms

0 Washington (AP) Major tech companies have begun to ban right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their services, reflecting a more aggressive enforcement of policies...

Fake Facebook Creators Are Getting Better At Covering Their Own Tracks

Cybersecurity experts are saying that could pose new challenges for the social media giant to deter the spread of propaganda, Reuter reported Friday.

It’s Rubens vs. Facebook in Fight Over Artistic Nudity

Belgian museums are uniting in protest against Facebook since they cannot promote Flemish Masters including Rubens at will for fear of falling foul of the social media site’s adult content rules and automatic censorship.

Liberal-Agenda Facebook Censors Caldwell’s Campaign Ad

Caldwell’s censored ad is not promoting the sale of weapons or ammunition, as Facebook asserts.  View it by clicking here.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Gets Facebook to Take Down Violence-Inciting Page

Leave it to U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida to lay the law down to Facebook. After Gaetz called Facebook out on a page that posted incitements to violence and implied death threats, the company took it down.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Apologizes For ‘Major Breach of Trust’

Faces questions around data mining firm Cambridge Analytica NEW YORK (AP) — Breaking five days of silence, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for a “major...

Shooting Survivors Endure New Assault From Online Trolls

BROWARD COUNTY (AP)One student was teased about being a “brown, bald lesbian.” Another was the target of conspiracy theorists who claimed he was really...

Facebook wants to nudge you into ‘meaningful’ online groups

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — At Facebook, mere “sharing” is getting old. Finding deeper meaning in online communities is the next big thing. CEO Mark Zuckerberg...

Jacksonville man flashing money on Facebook Live arrested on drug charges

A Florida man joyfully flashing money live on the internet got a sudden surprise when police officers barged in and arrested him for allegedly selling drugs. A man identified by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office as 22-year-old Breon Hollings went on Facebook Live to show friends a handful of money, saying, "It don't stop, man, it don't stop."