Saturday, June 3, 2023



Live Coverage of the Trump impeachment hearings: House report outlines the...

[youtube] VIDEO FROM ABC NEWS LIVE 24/7 VIA YOUTUBE WASHINGTON (AP) — The House released a sweeping impeachment report Tuesday outlining evidence of what it...

Bipartisan deal reached on border security. Now it is up to...

The bipartisan deal gives President Donald Trump about $1.4 billion for a comprehensive package of security measures along the Southern Border of the United States, which is far less than the $5.7 billion that the White House wanted.

The 116th Congress Is Up And Running, But Where?

Congress and the Supreme Court, along with state, county, and municipal governments. What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. This legislation will likely not pass as well.

New Democratic Led House Sends Bipartisan Funding Plan To Re-Open The...

WASHINGTON (AP) — On their first day in the majority, House Democrats have passed a plan to re-open the government without funding President Donald...
Women in politics

Women Win In Florida and Nationally In Record Numbers, Look to...

Women are not just running for office in record numbers this year — they are winning.

Tuition-Free College Bill Coming Down The Pipeline From House Democrats

The Aim Higher Act, which is expected to hit the House between July 24 and July 27, would grant states federal funding provided that they reciprocate by granting two years of tuition-free community college to students, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Trump’s Immigration Messaging Is Wavering A Lot

Trump spent the last two weeks of June telling congressional Republicans to both pass an immigration reform bill, any bill, and give up on the campaign entirely until after the 2018 November midterm elections.

Anti-Trump FBI Agent May Ignore Congressional Subpoena, His Lawyer Says

“My client will testify soon, somewhere, sometime. We just got this subpoena today, so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of these two particular House subcommittees,” Aitan Goelman, the attorney for Strzok, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday.

Senate Backs Effort To Restore ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

Senate Democrats, joined by three Republicans, pushed through a measure Wednesday intended to revive Obama-era internet rules that ensured equal treatment for all web traffic, though opposition in the House and the White House seems insurmountable.

South Carolina Congressman Draws Gun At Constituent Meeting

Said "I'm not going to be a Gabby Giffords" ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina congressman pulled out his own loaded handgun during...