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Cardinal’s Cover-up Trial A Reckoning For Catholics

That same month, however, a Catholic priest claimed he was punished by church leaders in France after he gathered more than 100,000 signatures

Pope on sex abuse: We showed no care for the little...

Francis begged forgiveness for the pain suffered by victims and said lay Catholics must be involved in the effort to root out abuse and cover-up. He blasted the clerical culture that has been blamed for the crisis, with church leaders more concerned for their reputation than the safety of children.

Catholic Church Helped Former Priest Accused of Abuse Get Disney Job

Catholic bishop, Thomas Welsh, in Allentown wrote to Orlando’s bishop that Ganster’s problems were “partially sexual” and that he couldn’t reassign him. A monsignor separately assured Ganster that he would get a positive reference

FiveThirtyEight Publishes Anti-Catholic Report On Health Care, Claims Catholic Hospitals Harm...

The article entitled “How Catholic Bishops Are Shaping Health Care In Rural America” asserted that Catholic hospitals are callously endangering women in communities where the only available hospital is a Catholic hospital, due to Catholic restrictions on abortion, contraceptives, sterilization and transgender procedures. The hospitals in question, however, operate in poorer areas to provide medical care to communities that cannot afford for-profit hospitals, in accordance with Catholic social teaching on the dignity of human life and caring for the poor.

Former Irish President Slams Catholic Church, Says Its Teaching On Homosexuality...

McAleese made the comments Friday at the centenary celebration for the Missionary Society of St. Columban, saying that the church’s teaching amounted to homophobia and claimed it “ruins people’s lives,” according to Crux Now. She also participated in Ireland’s gay pride parade the following day with her gay son.

Pope Calls For Peace in Easter Message

Talks about 'hope and dignity' VATICAN CITY (AP) — On Christianity’s most joyful day, Pope Francis called for peace in a world marked by war...

Pope in Easter Vigil Baptizes Nigerian Migrant Hero

Urged followers not to remain silent VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Saturday urged Catholics to not remain paralyzed in the face of the...