Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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What You Need To Know About Brexit

Parliament is divided over Brexit, but most members oppose leaving without a deal, and on Tuesday they approved a motion ruling out a “no-deal” Brexit.

UK PM May Gets A Vote of No- Confidence But...

May, who leads a fragile Conservative minority government, has made delivering Brexit her main task since taking office in 2016 after the country’s decision to leave the EU.

Troops On Call In London As Brexit Deal Is Falling Apart

The comments came as Britain’s Cabinet stepped up preparations for the possibility of a disorderly Brexit. At present there is not a plan in place.

Britain: Theresa May fighting to hang on after gamble fails

https://embed.air.tv/v1/embed/okmgocLmQrm9ZNksin2H1g/oTBxQb-0S56gkw7m9smoBQ?video_sizing=fill-width&show_player_title=false&show_div_title=false&show_div_description=false&autoplay=true LONDON (AP) — In the big book of political blunders, Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap election to solidify her Brexit mandate will...