Obama Addresses Ukraine, Iran Negotiations And Israel

President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel declared that Russian aggression in Ukraine has only reinforced the unity of the U.S. and Europe, as they weighed the prospects of reviving an elusive peace plan to end the conflict. Still, Obama held open the prospect that if a new round of diplomacy this week fails, the U.S. could send Ukraine’s beleaguered military defensive weaponry.

On other issues, the president said that the time has come for Iran to decide whether to accept a nuclear deal, and he acknowledged “very real differences” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the negotiations. And finally, Congressional officials say the White House is struggling to reconcile demands from Democrats wanting to ban using U.S. ground forces to fight Islamic State militants and from mostly Republicans who want that option left open. Obama is expected to send Capitol Hill his blueprint for updated war powers as early as Tuesday.

ABC’s Devin Dwyer joined us from the White House with details.

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