Germany Heading Toward Civil War?

Massive refugee importation has Germany — Europe’s most powerful economy and population — on the brink.

The Syrian Civil War, along with the spread of ISIS through Iraq, Libya and Yemen, has displaced millions and, of course, they are flooding Europe to take advantage of a better quality of life as well as the continent’s generous welfare system.

Germany expects up to 1.5 million refugees in 2015. The country has a population of 80 million and about 2.5 million are currently unemployed — a 25-year low.

But what’s at stake is a planned reformation of Europe and Western European cultures as well as a battle between the German government and its citizens. Take, for example, the tiny town of Sumte, Germany, located near the Elbe River. Sumte’s population counts 102 German citizens. But that didn’t stop Merkel’s government from ordering the town to take in 1,000 refugees.

Sumte Germany

“The number was so high that mayor Christian Fabel first thought it was a joke, but after a storm of local protest, the figure was lowered to 750, not out of sympathy but because it was believed a thousand would overwhelm the town’s sewage system.” —

The refugees will be housed in an abandoned office building. But in a town of 100 people, services can be scarce.

All over Germany, towns and citizens are being forced by the government to comply with their immigration demands.
The mayor of Landshut told Merkel that his town would accept only 1,800 of a proposed 1 million in refugees. The rest, he said, would be shipped via bus to Merkel’s office.

Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party told “Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government. I hope that this threat will have some effect, but knowing the psychological things that Merkel does all these days – I don’t believe in it, unfortunately.”

The German government and the European Union want what they want — to take in as many middle eastern refugees as they can. Part of it stems from pure humanitarian concerns to the need for corporations to drive down wages and hire cheap labor. For politicians intent on keeping the welfare society as part of budgetary “austerity,” an influx of people on the welfare rolls will require additional investment and taxation to support those systems.

“…in former Eastern Germany people are still aware of what it is living in a dictatorship. They are feeling quite well that our so-called democracy is sliding more and more towards a totalitarian state. This is my personal explanation why…the demonstrations in Thuringia and in Saxony are so fierce in their movements,” Mueller told

There is a lesson here for American citizens and politicians. The European acceptance of “migrants” against the will of their citizen population represents nothing more than tyranny. And the same situation is in effect here in the United States. It’s one of the reasons why Donald Trump appeals to so many voters in the GOP presidential primary race.

But in the end the mayors, citizens and German government all know which party is going to win and it’s not the mayors or citizens. And that will lead to all sorts of trouble. Citizen resentment will remain high. Immigrants will fail to assimilate. Their religious/social rules will become an issue and clash with mainstream German society. Combine that with inflation, lower wages, scarcity of resources and over-crowding and it’s a spark that will hit the powder keg in the near future.

It is a pity, because some of these migrants are families and children. A large portion, unfortunately, are single men who have fled the region with other agendas. You have to feel for these people who have been forced from their homelands by war, but citizens of sovereign nations also have rights that need to be respected.

In a way, this giant mass movement of humanity is tragic, but was avoidable. In the end, the Obama Administration created this mess by leaving Iraq. And if you want to go back and blame George W. Bush, so be it.

Either way, politicians have failed and millions upon millions are paying for it.