Gethin Anthony Can Relate To Character in New Film “Copenhagen”

Gethin Anthony

The Power Hour crew of Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges were able to chat with Gethin Anthony, the star of Copenhagen an indie crossroads tale. Anthony also played Renly Baratheon in the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” and is set to play Charles Manson in the new NBC series Aquarius.

Copenhagen focuses on an immature man named William (Gethin Anthony) in his late 20’s traveling across Europe, but finds himself at a crossroads in Copenhagen. This town in Europe is difficult for him to leave because it is also the birthplace of his father. He encounters a local young girl and an attraction builds between the two on their pursuit to find William’s grandfather. When William notices a connection with this young girl, he comes to the realization that “if the girl of your dreams is half your age, maybe its time to grow up.”

Anthony described Copenhagen to the Power Hour crew as a “modern adventure romance story.” He then stated that he was drawn to this film because “it really stuck with him.” He continued to say “it has a positive uplifting message towards the end, and that is the kind of story I want to tell. It deals with a very tricky subject matter, but sensitively and ultimately it has a positive outlook on life and that is what I really responded to.”

When asked about his co-star’s performance, Frederikke Dahl Hansen he said “She blew us away. I did not know much about her which is a good way to start in the film working together. I learned so much from her as a very young performer and her ability to just be in the moment and to work with whats there and then.”

Anthony sees the realization of the movie as “about a guy seeing through younger eyes how he appears to the world and what kind of decisions he needs to make to get what he wants out of life.”

Anthony is currently filming a new show for NBC series Aquarius in Los Angeles. Anthony will play Charles Manson, a jailbird who has spent half his life in prison. According to TV Line, his character is dominate towards young women through sex, drugs and an evil attitude.

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