Will The GOP Keep Pace In 2016?

The GOP has 30 members whom serve as Governors.  Republicans also hold control of the House of Representatives and have their eyes peeled on the Senate.

Taking these factors into consideration the Grand Old Party should be in quite good shape.  If the 2016 Election was a Marathon race, it appears that from an outsiders point of view, Republicans are training everyday, maintaining a strict diet and deciding where they will put up their gold medal for display.

Keep in mind that this is a surface view of what is going on in the GOP world.  In reality Republicans might be looking at Silver and not Gold.

Training is essential to a Marathon, but  the GOP can’t decide between running 5 miles, biking for 15, or a few kilometers in the pool.  Some members look like they’re skipping out on training all together (not a Chris Christie joke).  Whilst moderates are eating a balanced diet, the conservatives are spiking the vegetables with fat when they’re not looking (could be a Chris Christie joke). In fact, we don’t even know who’s running the race.

The push and pull in different directions of where to take the party by different GOP factions has damaged solidarity.

Republicans are not only having to fight the Democrats but also each other.  Moderates, conservatives, neoconservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, traditionalists, the Tea Party Movement, with all these factions the Presidential primaries are shaping up like a season of Game of Thrones.  

We have seen it in the past and it will happen again, by the time there is a Republican Candidate is nominated he is so beaten up from the primaries, all that the Democrats have to do is give a few more pushes and the GOP contention falls apart.  This has happened in the last two elections of which Obama came out on top.

Party factions are somewhat inevitable but they should still maintain an overall common ground and support system, but we have seen that this is not happening.  Groups see their political standing as the answer to all GOP prayers and are blood thirsty to bring the party in the direction that they have destined.

The Republicans have been less popular with women and minorities compared to their political counterparts.  Appealing to these demographics and independent voters will be key in the next election and moderate candidates could be ideal nominees. Unfortunately conservatives seem to be moving away from this direction for the most part, unwilling to compromise.

Nevada Governor Sandoval successfully governs a left-leaning state whilst maintaining a Republican platform but many fellow party members have stated they would not support him if he were ever to run for higher office.

The Mass. Senate race has Gomez pitted against Ed Markey.  Gomez ought to be the poster boy for Republicans moving into a new age with his impressive resume and widespread appeal but it is apparent that the national party and GOP mainstream is reluctant to support the new kid in politics.  It is mind blowing that the GOP will not support Gomez because he is not “Republican enough” despite this race being a prime opportunity to increase the raid effort on the Senate.

Chris Christie has done a great job as the Governor of New Jersey and deserves praise in his work through a bi-partisanship, but if he were to run for 2016 Conservative Republicans would more likely label him a traitor onSnowden like proportions.  God forbade he ever meets with Obama ever again, who knows what would happen then (this was a Christie joke).

People choose to take part in Marathons for many reasons.  Some like to win, others to stay in shape, and some just do it for the sake of doing it.  This shouldn’t be the case in a Presidential Race.  There should be one clear reason a candidate runs.  It should not be to win for his party, or in fact it shouldn’t be about the party at all, instead theindividual.  An individual needs to run who wants to make this country better.

It is the individual who runs the race, it should be the individual who leads the country, and this individual needs to put the country before his/her party.

If the Republicans want to succeed in 2016 they need to keep in mind that it is the country that comes first.  Priority needs to be leading this country into a golden era, not making life difficult for competing factions and opposing parties.

Republicans are not short of capable candidates. but the GOP in its entirety needs to rally behind their nominee when the times comes whomever it may be.