Trump Withdrawing from the Race? Bwahaha!

Regardless of what the press says, it’s not going to happen.

I have been reading columns in the media predicting GOP candidate Donald Trump will be withdrawing from the presidential race soon.  I have read these articles carefully and can only explain it as wishful thinking on the part of the Democrats, the “Never Trumps,” and the Media Industrial Complex (MIC).  Such claims are designed to convince the public the race is all but over.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They obviously do not understand the character of Mr. Trump.  For example, I have never met a businessman worth his salt who is afraid of a fight, particularly a Type A personality such as Mr. Trump.

After running for office for one year, the press should realize Mr. Trump is a fighter.  If he is guilty of anything, it is underestimating the MIC.  He now realizes there is a significant difference between running for the nomination, and running for president.  Whereas the press initially thought of him as nothing but a curiosity to help boost television ratings, they never imagined he would make it this far.  Now that he has, they are under orders to take him down.  For example, the Washington Post formed a special SWAT team to dig up any possible dirt in Trump’s past, and to hound him on the campaign trail.

Trump is fully aware the MIC is viciously chasing him, and realizes they will attack him over the slightest word he says out of turn.  Such a tactic is aimed at inhibiting Mr. Trump, particularly with the debates coming.  However, Trump has little use for political correctness, as do his supporters.  Knowing this, Trump has accelerated his attacks on the Democrats and the press which frustrates their ability to corner him.  He does it now with such regularity, it is no longer newsworthy.

Mr. Trump is fully aware his real enemy is not Mrs. Clinton but her attack dogs from the media.  He correctly observed, “If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn’t put false meaning into the words I say, I would be beating Hillary by 20 percent.”

The Trump organization is now preparing a survey to analyze how his supporters judge the press, which should be released soon.  Frankly, I do not believe there will be any surprises, but it will confirm the general belief the press is untrustworthy.

What disturbs the MIC most, is that Trump has a substantial number of supporters who agree with his positions and appreciate his anti-political correctness rhetoric.

The polls claim Mrs. Clinton is still ahead, but the press refuses to acknowledge Trump is drawing more people to his rallies than Hillary, and has a much larger presence on social media.  For example, on Twitter, Mr. Trump currently has 10.9 million followers, to Mrs. Clinton’s 8.3 million; on Facebook, Mr. Trump has 10.3 million followers, to Mrs. Clinton’s 5.5 million.  Such disparity in numbers makes one wonder why the polls do not reflect a similar difference.  Then again, the reliability of the polls are also coming under scrutiny.

So, is Trump ready to bailout as the pundits claim?  Bwahaha!  Now that he knows who the real enemy is, he has just begun to fight.

I cannot wait for the debates.

Keep the Faith!