Why Voters Want Frank Underwood As Prez

Early indications are as we are about head full on into the 2016 race for the president that it now seems that America wants Frank Underwood as their next Commander-in-Chief. Okay, yes I am fully aware that Underwood is a fictional character played wonderfully by the brilliant actor Kevin Spacey in the Netflix series House of Cards.

That said is it me or does it seem like America would be cool with a president who might be just a little bit power hungry, blood thirsty, does whatever it takes to get things done style that makes him or in this case her, attractive as a potential leader.

You must admit that the two candidates at the top of their party’s respective polls have a little bit of the Underwood style in them. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not soft and cuddly candidates. They are tough battle tested campaigners that know how to play rough when need be. a 6 Both Trump on the GOP side and Clinton on the Democratic end both have high unfavorable numbers as well as high trust issues on voters polled. Meanwhile, both Trump and Clinton have been at the top of the polls since early last summer.

Oh, I am not suggesting that they would go full Underwood like on House of Cards, but life does imitate art from time to time.

As for the other candidates in the field the Amazon Prime Video Series Alpha House has some characters that could be considered part of the 2016 field.

Perhaps you have seen the young first term Senator from Florida Andy Guzman play by actor Mark Consuelos. He has been in Washington just about two years yet he is mounting a presidential campaign. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio does a great impression of Sen. Guzman, or wait, sorry that is the other way around.

Sorry this can be confusing after a while and perhaps this weekend since we are headed into the two week dead zone it might be a good idea to get a little entertainment.

Rubio is much more the family man than is Guzman who is far more the ladies man than the junior senator from Florida.

Why don’t you join me in binge watching three seasons of House of Cards on Netflix and two season’s of Garry Trudeau’s very funny Alpha House that can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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